The board of the BC Hop Growers Association is very pleased to announce? the BC Lupulin Cup,? a contest open to all BC hop growers.? The annual contest is judged by the brewers at the BC Craft Brewers Guild conference and they judge the best hops grown in BC.

The purpose of the Lupulin Cup is to build a relationship between growers and brewers.? We are hoping this friendly competition? will encourage growers to raise the bar on the quality of hops grown in British Columbia and show the industry what we are capable of.? This event also creates a great opportunity for members to gain notice with the breweries.? The prize for the competition is a small trophy and a huge amount of bragging rights!


Requirements for all entries:

  • 1 submission per BCHGA voting member
  • 1/2 lb (half pound) of whole dried leaf
  • Grown in BC on a members farm
  • Harvested the year of entry
  • Submissions must be delivered to Bredenhof Hop Farms, 4109 Boundary Road, Abbotsford BC

We recommend submissions be kept cool and in air-tight packaging during delivery.? They will be stored in a temperature controlled environment until the time of judging.? Please write submitting member’s name inside and outside the mailed or hand-delivered package.

All? entries will be brought to the conference and displayed on the BC Hop Growers table.? The judging will be done by brewers and brewery owners who attend the Craft Brewer’s conference.? Judging will be based on appearance, texture and aroma.? The judging will be done blind and the winning farm will only be announced when the judging is over.

Stay tuned for the 2018 variety and dates to be announced!!


The 2017 Lupilin Cup, judged on the variety Cascade was won by:

Bredenhof Hops Farm